There are many musical groups around the country that appear in schools. How many of them do any real teaching? Six Appeal pursues its passion for learning with the Six Appeal Educational Experience. With members carrying degrees in K-12 Vocal/Classroom Music and in Vocal Performance/Pedagogy, Six Appeal uses real educators to administer proven teaching strategies designed to educate the musician and kindle ambition. The Six Appeal Educational Experience doesn’t subject students to a boring lecture, it provides an opportunity for students to interact with a professional vocal band where they will have hands on experiences to develop skills such as critical listening, healthy vocal technique, intonation, and rhythm.


The Six Appeal Educational Experience offers educators the ability to personalize what their students learn with Six Appeal’s unique modular based approach which customizes each experience to the needs of each class.


From short clinics to multi-day residencies, Six Appeal allows educators to choose from many different flexible options.


There are many pricing options available, depending on time commitment. Teachers can also use the “Educational Experience” as a fundraiser for their music program or school district!

The instructors in Six Appeal guide students through history explaining the origin of a cappella, and the different paths it has taken throughout music history. Each era is supplemented with a live performed example of the style. We teach your students homophony through Barbershop, polyphony with Palestrina, and explain how Vocal Jazz came about. Your students will hone rhythm skills learning how to beat box, and get a chance to sing real music with the group. An in-depth version of the Educational Experience is perfect for a multi-session residency, or it can be condensed to a half-hour overview. Built with the instructor in mind, the customizable module format of Six Appeal’s Educational Experience allows instructors to select the different topical components (modules) that are then implemented for the students. In a time where state budgets can’t always support every program, Six Appeal is proud to empower students and aid teachers in curriculum-based instruction. A clinic with Six Appeal is more than just a promotional event for a professional performing group… It is an Educational Experience.


  • Since your appearance, the halls have been buzzing with excitement. I have been asked every day when I’m going to invite you all back. Teachers have stopped me in the hall to congratulate me on such a successful day, and students I’ve never seen before have been thanking me for bringing you to Eisenhower. Your visit has been the single most important thing I have done for my program thus far. My Glee club’s men’s section doubled in size after your concert. Thank you for everything!Laurel Cawley, Eisenhower High School, Yakima, WA
  • Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! What a lasting treasure! I sure can’t think of anything in your presentation that didn’t work. It was FANTASTIC!” Already, I have been incorporating vocal percussion into lesson plans for early grades to practice rhythmic pulse and subdivision, and they have been responding very well! Nancy McPherson, West Yellowstone Public Schools, West Yellowstone, MT